The Movie Binge

Allow myself to introduce...myself.

Mmm...sweet delicious movie binging. Summer movie binging has been a part of my DNA for some time--perhaps as far back as that glorious summer of 1985 when that adorable rapscallion of a nine-year-old Josh Horowitz returned from a hellish eight weeks of sleepaway camp (are you listening, mother?) to take in a triple feature of Back to the Future, Teen Wolf, and Real Genius in the dog days of August.

The poor youth of today...

What triple feature awaits them in the last days of August '06? If it involves Beerfest I weep for our future.

Ladies and gents I proudly donate my mind, body, and soul (or what's left of it since I saw Keeping Up with the Steins) to this glorious experiement. Let the games begin. I'll have the nachos and that seat on the aisle. No not the one next to the guy eating General Tso's chicken...the other aisle.