The Movie Binge

Introducing Cinecultist

Usually when Matty recommends one of his hair-brained and ill advised schemes to me ("Let's walk against the light, diagonally across this intersection!"), I try to ignore him. However, the challenge of going to see every movie released during the summer season and cataloguing it was too brilliant a scheme to pass up. Besides, with my usual intense movie going regime I'd probably end up seeing most of these things on my own anyhow.

Most people assume, before they get to know me that is, that spending two years in graduate school studying film plus writing about pop culture for a living would make my taste pretty high falutin' and rarified. Happily for a lot of Hollywood dreck, that is not the case. As much as I love a good subtitled costume drama or an obscure 3 hour Swedish comedy, I live for the spectacle that is the summer blockbuster. The buzz in the theater at a well-hyped star fest or high concept picture can be palatable. There's also that glee over seeing a really terrible movie be even worse than you expected. Plus, there are times in mid-July through August that the weather in Manhattan necessitates spending much of the day deeply air conditioned. A movie binge is perfect for all of that.

My biggest personal fear for this whole endeavor? Butt fatigue. Though it may be hard to believe, sometimes there can be such a thing as too many movies. Malaise can set in, plus the derriere can get too tired from sitting in those fold down seats. However, I have high hopes for the variety unspooling at a cineplex near me. Particularly if it involves either a talking cat going to London or Johnny Depp wearing an eye patch. Bring on the binge!


Ah, I do indeed have a habit of jaywalking. The Movie Binge is less dangerous, unless you prefer death to butt fatigue.

This is going to be interesting. Bonne chance mes amis!

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