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Preview: An Inconvenient Truth


Never in my day did I think a 100 minute Powerpoint presentation by the once quasi-robotic Al Gore would be a highly anticipated film. What's more, people are calling for Al to run again in 2008! I guess that's what a 29% approval rating and $3.50 a gallon gas will do to a country.

The team behind An Inconvenient Truth is obviously pushing this movie on the 16-25 set, as they've been keeping a blog and they've announced a MySpace tie-in. The blog is mostly filled with self-congratulationary posts, but it also has a couple real posts, like this one on an article in Scientific American Magazine. Personally, I hope they keep up with the content-filled posts, because it'll only add value for moviegoers.

The movie is already open in New York and LA and will open in San Francisco next weekend. As far as I know, there's no plan for anything after that, but I have a feeling most of the blue states will see it come there way soon.


Al Gore is a Powerbook user and he's not using Powerpoint. His stuff is all done on Keynote, and there's a good number of closeups of him working on his laptop in the film that show off Keynote.

Although people are dying to know if he's gonna run again, I saw him speak tonight and he says no. His reasons being that he thinks his time and energy is better spent educating people about climate change, and he's sick of the current political environment and media emphasis on soundbites. Plus, he's already run for President twice, and Vice President twice.

Most of the people I saw at the Town Hall tonight definitely weren't in the 18-25 set, more like 25-50, but the filmmakers are doing work in terms of outreach to minorities and youth. Something like 1300 minority kids in Boston are going to get to see the film for free, which is pretty great. The filmmakers also mentioned a staggered rollout of the theatrical release in other cities in the next month.

Dan and I asked a question about distributing the film for free online or via Creative Commons and Mr. Gore replied that he's actually going to be training a thousand people to use his material and give his presentation across the nation.

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