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Preview: X-Men: The Last Stand


Do you think Ratner's shaking in his boots after the colossal opening for Da Vinci Code? He probably is, but he shouldn't be. I'm guessing every fan boy and his mother (literally, in this case) will be seeing X-Men: The Last Stand this weekend. Gene Parmesean hears that the early reports from fanboys are positive, but metacritic and rotten tomatoes aren't as optimistic.

For those who are unaware, this installment of X-Men centers around a cure found for mutants, which forces the X-People to take sides. Personally, I would stick with my mutant powers. Of course my mutant powers would include the ability to create Shake Shack burgers...with my mind.

The movie opens this Friday the 26th, although tons of theaters have midnight showings here in New York. If you saw it already, spill your thoughts out in the comments.


While I haven't seen it yet...I just need to express my hatred of Bret Ratner and his f-ing "wet-downs"...even at 9:55 in the morning I can't find anything redeeming about him. Let's hope it doesn't blow.

If you could create shake shack burgers with your mind, then would you also have to wait 45 minutes in line in your mind?

Saw it in Manhattan last night at 1201am on 68/Broadway. The theatre was filled. The fans were pumped, with several viewers dressed in X-costume. The movie was great. Very fast past. There are lots of details which aren't even explainable in the fantastic world of mutants. How fast can the Angel fly anyway... From NYC to San Francisco in how much time? If he's flying at the speed of a Boeing widebody, about 550mph? 6 hours? Anyway, he mysteriously arrives in San Francisco in time to rescue his Dad, even though he was not on the supersonic X-flyer.

Anyway, I loved it. If it is true what I just heard on NPR news, I'm sad that it is the last movie. But, how can you explain Magneto's display of mutant ability in the last scene, if not to suggest another movie is forthcoming...

I have seen the movie, and I sat through the credits to get the little teaser at the end. I think as with many movie franchises that it is easier to say "we are making three" to keep the speculation down of other movies (especially if they make no money). It is apparent that the movie has left the doors open for more to come. Let's face it, x-men movies have made and are making a lot of money.

The movie itself was good, I was entertained, I wish that Beast was a bit more acrobatic, as compared to the wire work the put Kelsey Grammer through... if he did it at all. The mutants they used were good, yet it seems they made Juggernaut a mutant as well. Not quite true... Oh well, showing my true geek/ x-men fan side.

I too loved the movie! See it to be entertained.

Another amazing thing to me was the amount of girls who were there to see the movies. Not girlfriends or wives with there significant other's, but actual flocks of girls both young and old there to see it.

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