The Movie Binge

Introducing Latin Snake

My subconscious wants this adventure to turn out like a season of the Real World. We'll all be gung-ho and happy-go-lucky at the beginning, but about 3 minutes into the second episode there will be lots of bleeps and blurs and someone will get their face smashed in. Or, it'll be smooth sailing the whole way and we'll be lauded across the land as yet another group of kooky kids who did something ridiculous to impress their peers. Then we'll find out they've created a new Nobel Prize because nothing else fit our accomplishment. Thankfully, there is a realist in me somewhere and I know the highs and lows won't be quite so, uh, ridiculous.

Looking at the empty counter of consumption in the navigation bar gives me hope, though. I know that they'll be a great story behind one of those bags of popcorns or boxes of Junior Mints. Maybe we won't have a group orgy while watching Strangers with Candy or be carried out on the shoulders of movie patrons after surviving Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties, but someone else might and we'll be there to witness it.

I'm confident we'll make it out the other side and live to tell about it. Seeing nearly a hundred movies appears daunting, but I'm keeping the faith. Just promise me I won't have to see the Fast and the Furious 3: Tokyo Drift by myself.