The Movie Binge

Welcome to the Movie Binge

Today marks the grand opening of the Movie Binge. Starting this Friday and ending in September, we plan to watch all 85 commercially released films. As we journey through both the inane and brilliant films of the summer, we'll be sure to share every semi-worthwhile thought that crosses our mind.

At this point, you're probably asking yourself, "Why?" Because we're bloggers and as bloggers we have an obligation to do ridiculous things and share them with the world.

This week you'll hear a little bit from each of our Bingers and get a preview of this weekend's films. Next week the reviews will start coming, and they won't stop until we've seen everything.

For more on the team and for contact info, check out the about page. Wish us luck!


that latin snake is sooo dirty. so so dirty.

out of curiousity, how are you guys going to afford this? are you all going to see each movie, or rotate the financial burden...

We'll be rotating the financial burden. It's going to be a cumulative effort (i.e. we won't each be seeing every film, but combined we'll cover all the bases).

Still, it's going to work out to 1-2 movies a week per person.

...and how many of these will be seen in a movie marathon in the AMC 25 or Loews E-walk, eh? I know your thieving ways, Mr. Snake.

This is a great idea!! I wish I lived in a market that this was attainable (RI not exactly a film mecca), I'd join you!! I'll be following your progress ... good luck and have fun!!!

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