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It's Not a Summer Movie Without Tie-ins

20060607cars.jpgWhen I was seven, the only reason I knew about movies was because of Happy Meals at McDonalds and branded toys at Toys 'R Us. Parents today have it worse than mine did because tie-ins are getting a little out of control.

Take the new Pixar film, Cars, where there are over 350 licensed products. Although I am obviously obsessive (i.e. this blog you are reading), I did not find these on my own. has taken the time to compile each of the tie-ins with links for each.

Partners alone will be spending $50 million in media buys to cross-promote this movie. Disney's portion of the marketing budget is undisclosed (afaict), but according to Dicker above, "Cars" is larger than "The Incredibles", and they spent $200 million on that movie (combined with promotional partners).

Personally, I'd take a Bouncy Castle or Power Wheels Drivable Lightning McQueen Car if anyone's interested in buying me one. The Power Wheels would be super handy in the city.

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