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Preview: District B13


I'll be honest, I don't know much about this film, but I do know it looks awesome. Normally I can learn a lot from the trailer, but no one says anything. I'd fear that the plot is non-existent, but I have a pretty good sense that Magnolia Pictures is scared the theaters will be empty if people know the movie is in French. Embrace it, Magnolia! Make this the yo-dude's Amelie!

Unfortunately for yo-dudes everywhere, that probably won't happen because this movie is apparently well-constructed and quite witty, a classic yo-dude turn-off. God, I love when near-future science fiction/action movies get great reviews. Check it:


Let's put the matter simply: The French thriller District B13 makes everything Hollywood has lately done in the action genre look clumsy, dull and stale. It is a short, nonstop stuntfest that, by going back to basics and placing them on the screen with simple, breathless stylishness, turns what is essentially a lowlife movie form into something one is not embarrassed to call "pure" cinema--all energy, movement and high kinetic wit.

New York Times

At the whirling-dervish center of the French action film "District B13" is a fighting discipline known as parkour. I'm pretty sure that's French for "somersaulting over balconies while drop-kicking the gangsters who kidnapped your sister and turned her into a junkie." However it translates, parkour isn't par-for-the-course movie mayhem, but a gorgeously choreographed gymnastics of pain that elevates "District B13" over the impossible missions and last stands of the season.

Chicago Tribune

The movie doesn't make a lick of sense, but it's done with such zest and skill--and such incredible stunt work and action choreography by co-stars Cyril Raffaelli and David Belle--that the absurdities don't sabotage it.

Sounds like my kind of movie. If you want to know more about Parkour, the urban gynamistics this movie uses, check out Don't miss their videos, or check out one of my personal favorites: Nike's Angry Chicken.