The Movie Binge

Preview: Nacho Libre


When I first heard of the combination of talent — Jack Black starring, Mike White writing and Jared Hess directing — I was beside myself. It seemed like a match made in heaven as the idea of Jack Black playing a Mexican wrestler is potentially hilarious. Unfortunately, this may be a film where the preview is all we need. I haven't seen it yet myself, but friends are bringing back average reports and the critics seem to agree. I'll see it anyway, partially because I have to and partially because it's a good way to spend two hours of a 90° Sunday.

The Onion A.V. Club

Like Dynamite, Libre moves at a sleepy snail's pace, crawling from one botched setpiece to another with all the energy of a funeral dirge. A sprightly soundtrack keeps the film from lapsing into a coma, but Hess' strangely airless comedy feels more storyboarded than directed...How can any comedy with Jack Black as a Mexican wrestler not be gut-bustingly hilarious? Nacho Libre provides an all-too-convincing answer.

LA Times

But the charm of "Nacho Libre" is mostly to be found in the two friends' ruminations on faith (Esqueleto believes in science), love, dreams and nutrition. If ever a movie paid homage to fresh fruits and vegetables, it's this one. And if ever a born loser looked like the winner of the future, it's Nacho.

Fresh fruit homages? Excelente.