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Preview: Peaceful Warrior


Nick Nolte is Socrates? And in one scene he jumps twenty feet in the air and lands on a gas station? And Victor Salva (Jeepers Creepers 1 & 2, Powder) is directing? Okay, my interest is piqued, even if Nolte isn't the real Socrates.

Peaceful Warrior is purported to be based on a true story (and is also based on a book), but that's tough to buy considering all of the new age-y nonsense that goes on. The plot revolves around a UC Berkeley gymnast who is filled with talent but needs guidance. Nolte then saves the day, ruins the day and saves the day again as he becomes this young man's spiritual guide. If you think it sounds creepy, you're not alone.

LA Weekly

You’d have to be either an avid New Ager or willing to see Nick Nolte in absolutely anything to get fully onboard for this visually overexcited tale of salvation-by-gas-station-guru.


Mechlowicz has the kind of moody, haunted look of questing youth that a richer movie could make something of, but, Nolte can do little to turn Socrates into more than what he is -- a mystic who's good with a wrench and much too in love with the sound of his own voice.

Update (6/5/06): Well, it turns out it's not coming out in NYC until July 14th. So, we moved it up on the schedule. Sorry for the confusion.


I saw this movie a few weeks ago and I have been telling everyone about it - just found out that it is opening July 14th - in my opinion, this type of movie needs to be seen by everyone.

A few weeks prior to this movie opening, an "angel" came into my life - played by Nick Nolte - and I am the young boy - a female in her sixties - and I could so relate to the movie and the parts we both play in our relationship.

I am looking to the day when I become the "angel"

I have been trying to watch those movies which have widely gathered the attention of critics and film lovers. Due to lack of enough space in my laptop i delete them as the new one comes. Somehow i couldn't delete 'Peaceful warrior'. Tried to share it to all the fellow friend who used to watch good movies. I dont think I will delete that movie either.
The central concept of the whole theme is 'its the journey not the destination that really matters in our daily life'. Please have a beautiful journey and try to watch this movie.


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