The Movie Binge

Preview: The Heart of the Game


Welcome to the first sports documentary of the summer (the next is Once in a Lifetime). Here, we're following the story of Bill Resler's first season as the head coach of the girls basketball team at Seattle's Roosevelt High. Resler is a tax law professor and his coaching technique is highly unorthodox, which apparently makes for a good movie.

Personally, I'm kinda psyched for this movie. It looks like it will be thoroughly entertaining and it's been getting great reviews.

LA Times

To say more would dilute the inherent drama as it teeters on the brink of tragedy with surprises that would challenge credibility in a fiction film. An exhilarating story of loyalty and perseverance, "The Heart of the Game" succeeds as both inspiration and social commentary.

New York Times

Despite [the director's] overtures and sympathetic attention, [Darnellia Russell] eludes his grasp, particularly when compared with Mr. Resler, who turns out to be not only the heart of this particular game, but also its brains, lungs and unforgettably endearing mug.