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Preview: The Lake House


The Lake House is 105 minutes of watching Keanu try to read that letter. Unfortunately that's what most Keanu moves feel like for me when he has more than a dozen lines of dialogue. Keanu and Sandra Bullock are reunited for another fling, but this time they exist in different space-time continuums (they live in the same house two years apart and converse via some magic note). Awesome(?)! This one has gotten pretty average reviews and a good review from A.O. Scott, which is oftentimes more of a turn off for me.

New York Times

The contrivances of the plot, which may require occasional glances at a multiyear date book, are smoothly handled by David Auburn's script and by Mr. Agresti's direction. Visually, "The Lake House" is elegant without being terribly showy, with a connoisseur's eye for Chicago's architectural glories. But the movie is, above all, a showcase for its stars, who seem gratifyingly comfortable in their own skin and delighted to be in each other's company again, in another deeply silly, effortlessly entertaining movie.

Entertainment Weekly

But we've all seen Bullock and Reeves (apart and, once, together), and it's clear that Argentinean director Alejandro Agresti, best known in the U.S. for his sugary coming-of-age drama Valentin, has put too much faith in audience fondness for that cute duo who starred in Speed a dozen years ago. Now the stars are doing Slow — she's winsome on cue, he's pained.