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Preview: The Mostly Unfabulous Life of Ethan Green


This "romantic comedy follows the story of Ethan Green, an adorable 26 year-old professional 'assistant' looking for love in all the wrong places." Gag. Oh yes, I did just jump to conclusions. Granted, a gay romantic comedy is unlikely to get a wide release, but it seems like a small release is just right for this one. One interesting tidbit: it's based on a comic strip by Eric Orner. I'm hoping to avoid it all together.

LA Times

Inoffensive even as it makes some fairly explicit sex jokes, "Ethan Green" may not exactly be fabulous, but it is pleasantly diverting.

Village Voice

If you're looking for the perfect date movie to celebrate Gay Pride, do yourself a favor: Rent some good porn and stay the hell away from Ethan Green. Flat characters and speech-bubble dialogue are to be expected when they're based on a comic strip—in this case, Eric Orner's long-running alt-weekly staple but trust me, you'd be better off with Family Circus.