The Movie Binge

Preview: The Omen


Ahh, it's the devil! It's 6/6/6! It's a remake of a really good film! We're all going to die! That's right, a freaktactular film is being released tonight, 6/6/6, to the American public. Who's going to show up and tempt fate? Hopefully some serious crazies because we'll be in Times Square to find out.

Quickly, the movie is about the potential sun of Christ and the ensuing craziness that surrounds such a revelation. Here's hoping it's hair-raising. Battle of the Chicago reviewers!

Chicago Sun-Times

"The Omen" is a faithful remake of the 1976 film, and that's a relief; it depends on characters and situations and doesn't go berserk with visuals.

Chicago Tribune

Aside from a couple of brief, jolting dream sequences, "The Omen" plods along. "It's a bit like a Shakespeare play," director John Moore told one writer recently, explaining his adherence to the original. The text, he said, "is so good, and the story tracks so well, that you feel inclined to stick with that." If that inclination sounds like settling, there's nothing wrong with your hearing.