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Preview: The War Tapes


The War Tapes is the first war film to be recorded by soldiers themselves. And no, they did not steal the idea from the Beastie Boys' I Fuckin' Shot That. Instead they solicited real filmmakers to add some footage and piece it together and it appears they did a fantastic job. The Tribeca Film Festival awarded it best documentary.

Entertainment Weekly

Yes, there's one chaotic ambush (the only glimpse of the insurgency we get). But that climax never arrives, and that's where The War Tapes transcends the pornography of violence to provide a genuine terror-struck look at what our troops are going through

New York Times

The film that the men shot, supplemented by home-front interviews and images captured by other soldiers, has been edited into a moving, complicated movie that illuminates, with heartbreaking clarity, some of the human actuality of this long, confusing war.

Christian Science Monitor

This film is apolitical in the best sense - it bears witness to a time and a place.


The War Tapes is nothing more than War Porn. save your money and check out Baghdad ER on HBO instead.

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