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Review: An Inconvenient Truth


This will be a dual review as both "Josh Horowitz" and I saw this film. I'll start with Josh's take.

Josh says...

It’s like The Day After Tomorrow without those pesky rabid wolves and Ian Holm freezing to death in the middle of nowhere! Paramount Classics, that quote is all yours. Enjoy. Take it to the bank. Use it in good health. Alright, semi-seriously An Inconvenient Truth has got to be considered one of the most worthwhile films of the year. You leave the theater shaken, disturbed, and downright frightened. Try seeing this in the same week as United 93 as I did and enjoy the nightmares.

As you know by now from all the Al Gore photo-ops at Cannes and the like, this is the flick that essentially documents Gore’s decades-long obsession with convincing us that the environment might be worth more of our attention than on just one “earth day” a year. Admittedly this is a flick that plays best to friendly audiences, ie. those who don’t tune into Sean Hannity for anything more than a good laugh.

I know what you’re thinking: 90 minutes in a dark room with Al Gore and a glorified slide show about the ice caps melting? Check please, right? Actually it’s a pretty engrossing and relatively visually arresting (kudos to director David Guggenheim here) way to spend an afternoon or evening. And the key reason why this film works in the end as more than a PBS special? It’s Gore, folks. Bizarre as it sounds this politician who was deemed virtually irrelevant by most now comes off as an impassioned (and vaguely tragic) hero. The film is peppered with personal anecdotes and private moments with the former VP (apparently he rolls his own luggage in the airport) that humanize the politician much in the way The War Room did for big brother Clinton way back when.

Latin Snake says...

Well, well, well...look who got a software upgrade. Not only was Al entertaining for the length of the film (ninety minutes straight!), but he was inspiring. More importantly, if you have doubts about any facet of global warming, Gorebot will quash it. And he does so without having to use a photo of a sad penguin.1 In fact, the film was so effective I thought about flying out to Middle America and buying some folks tickets to the movie (really). Heck, I even researched getting green energy instead of craptastic Con Edison.

Although the presentation aspect of the film was thoroughly engaging, I'm glad they interspersed vignettes of Gore's life. They weren't necessarily on message, but they kept me from taking a cyanide pill. My only fear is that they make it a little easier to position the film as liberal when it should just be viewed as an excellent case for tackling the dangers of a Carbon Dioxide-rich atmosphere.

Josh covered the rest pretty well, so I'll just talk a little about the movie-going experience. Since I was seeing a socially-conscious movie, I felt it was important to skip the popcorn and eat some sushi from the nearby Whole Foods.2 Not only did I receive zero dirty looks for making the theater smell like soy sauce, but the lady next to me volunteered to watch my bag while I used the restroom. And that was before we saw the film. Al Gore: if you're going to turn a normally annoying theater into a lovefest then I insist you skip out on politics and keep making movies. I'm going to need you this summer.

1 Okay, so he had an animation of a polar bear trying to find an iceberg, but it didn't look that sad.

2 And some Malteasers. I can't be good all the time.