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Review: Leonard Cohen, I'm Your Man

Does it suffice to say that I wish that I could just plunk down a bunch of quotes from the Leonard Cohen documentary, Leonard Cohen: I'm Your Man, and call it a day? Every single thing the man says is gold. If they just had a "Fishing with John" episode that had Leonard on it, there would've been no point in making this movie. Seriously, they should bottle up that guy's sweat and sell it in men's bathrooms across NYC.

There are some other points to this movie besides Mr. Cohen, and that's where this documentary takes a bit of a breather. The performances, from a 2005 tribute concert, are hit or miss. I've read other reviews where people have taken the piss out of Rufus Wainright's singing. Hey guess what? Fuck you. Rufus Wainright is easily the most entertaining singer in this movie as he sings like himself and not some sad ghost approximation of the movie's subject. He also talks about Leonard Cohen without sounding like an over eager tween with a thesaurus. You know why? Because he knew the guy, he grew up in Montreal and therefore can talk about personal encounters and the effect Cohen had on Montreal's character as a city. Oh, and he's funny. No other interviewee besides LC managed that.

The other film participants were solid, if not a standout in my mind. The Edge and Bono were kind of embarrassing to watch. The Edge kept reminding us he was a catholic, and Bono appeared bloated and unfocused as he racked his brain for metaphors. But it was forgivable; in the video at the end of the flick they were just so happy to play with their mentor that it made me think they were sincere.

Really, the only thing that was annoying were the directorial flourishes. The slo-mo. The red curtain. The obscenely long lingering shot of cleavage, revealed later to belong to a living breathing...cigarette girl? Still, it's not that hard to ignore the unnecessary tweaks and there's a lot of good in Leonard Cohen: I'm Your Man. See it, love it, and then go buy some of the guy's music. You'll want to.

[TEMP ED NOTE: Again, this post is by Bronto Burger and express the Leonard Cohen adulation of Bronto alone.]