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Review: The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift


Warning to all the haters: I liked this movie. I got a lot of sympathy when I pulled the Fast and Furious straw last weekend, but I had confidence. Yes, the film would have inane dialogue and mediocre acting, but does it matter? Do you go to see a car movie for witty banter? I certainly don't.

Tokyo Drift rolls without Vin Diesel or Paul Walker at the helm, which means that they'll need a gimmick to keep your attention. Thus, the introduction of drift racing to the big screen. The story follows Sean Boswell (Lucas Black) to Tokyo as he is forced to attend high school there after being kicked out of school after school in the States. One of the conditions of staying with his dad is no driving, but that lasts about 2 movie minutes. Sean finds himself racing for a Yakuza sub-contractor (more exciting than it sounds) and ends up in the middle of betrayal. There's more drama and a hot girl, but you get the drift (he he, puns!).

The plot is far from special, but it's good enough to keep you entertained between driving scenes, which is all I ask of it. As for the driving scenes, they didn't disappoint. The cars were tricked out, the driving was both fast and furious (thankfully), and there was more than enough destruction to keep me happy. Oh, and if you're not into these crazy Japanese cars, our lead character drops a Nissan engine into a Mustang, which is (in the words of Homer) sacrilicious.

There's not much more to say about this film. Fast cars = entertaining. Poor acting = ignorable. And if you do nothing else, I implore you to search out the very end of the film, where there is a guest appearance by Vin Diesel and the following line of dialogue is uttered:

Random Tokyo Guy: I didn't know [Lucas] was into muscle [i.e. the tricked out Buick they're in]. Vin: He was when he was with me.

Hey-o! Well, I guess Vin's character and Sean are, ahem, good friends. If the box office numbers keep up, we might be seeing Fast and the Furious: Under My Hood sometime soon.


Sorry to correct you, and I'm only doing it because I saw it yesterday, but, the lines actually go:

Sean: I didn't know Han was into American muscle.
Dom: He was when he was rolling with me.

And, apparently, they are looking into making a fourth movie. That would be a prequel. About Han and Dom "rolling".

Take that as you will.

i cant wait for fast and furious 4 its dues out 2009 its gonna be immense

especially with sung kang he is a great actor!!

i really cant wait!

WOW! That is Awesome

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