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Review: The Omen

The Omen is as scary as overalls and strawberries.

We've had relatively lengthly reviews up until now, but since the creators of The Omen didn't feel like putting much effort in, neither do I.

Horror films face an uphill battle with their traditionally low budgets and focus on style over substance, but The Omen has it doubly rough since it is a remake. None of that excuses the fact that the occasionally promising build-ups resulted in laugh-enducing "boo!" moments. You know, the ones where a mirror turns slightly, there's a goblin of somekind and the music gets really loud. Everyone jumps for two seconds and it's over. It's like premature ejaculation. "Woh! WOH! Damn."

Damien, actor Seamus Davey-Fitzpatrick, is certainly creepy but he just doesn't feel like the spawn of Satan. Instead of hints of joy when people die, he just looks ambivalent. I'd suggest he said creepier things more often, but it turns out his voice is unfortunately cute. Satan must be ashamed.

I'll admit there were two aspects that made this film tolerable. First, we have the Rube Goldberg device-like murders, which were fun to watch unfold. Then the last fifteen minutes of the 105 minute film were enthralling. Liev Schreiber is intense and I loved seeing him (SPOILER!!!!!) bowl through Mia Farrow's creepy rendition of the Damien's nanny with his car.

If you're dying to see this film, I suggest you show up about an hour and twenty minutes into the movie. The rest just isn't worth 80 minutes of your summer. Better yet, rent the original and call it a day. Netflix has it in stock as of this writing.


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