The Movie Binge

Review: Waist Deep

Don't be like your daddy; stay out of awful movies.

Look, this film was utter crap. I'm not going to even bother with a proper review. I'll just tell you the basic (and it was basic) plot outline and then follow it with a great story.

O2 (a.k.a. Tyrese Gibson) is fresh out of jail and committed to getting a real job and caring for his son. His son gets napped in a car-jacking and is held hostage by Meat (a.k.a. The Game) for $100,000. O2 enlists the help of Coco (a.k.a. Meagan Good), who's also looking to start fresh, to get the cash and his son back. They rob two feuding gangs and three banks. They get freaky at some point. A bunch of other highly anticipated crap happens. Then O2 kills Meat (at some point we find out they had beef) as he gets his son back. They drive off, but the cops are chasing behind them. O2 manages to save Coco and his son, but in a not-really heart-wrenching moment decides to drive his car into the river. We then fast-forward two years and see Coco and O2's son in a beautiful little house in Mexico (Coco wanted to move there because people say all your sins are wiped clean) living all hunky-dory.

Does it end there? No, but the ending is integrated into the awesome story. At some point during the film O2 explains his name. People call him O2 (i.e. oxygen, but like super-oxygen (yes, seriously), which is why it's Oh Two) because he can escape any situation unscathed. I know what you're thinking — "there's no way they'd use that as excuse to bring him back", right? Before I loosely quote the end of the film, I will note that I saw this at the UA Court St. Theater in Brooklyn, where people can be quite vocal.

Coco and O2's son are walking on the beach. Coco: Let's practice your spanish. What's that? (points to the ocean) O2's Son: El Mar. Coco: What's that? (points to a family) O2's Son: La Familia Coco: What's that? (points to a guy walking towards them from far away) [Dramatic pause...] O2's Son: Padre!!!

At this point, a very large man behind me is like, "No, No, Nu'uh. That did not just happen." He proceeds to step over the three people to his left and walks right out the theater. Another dozen people yell out and do the same thing. Forty-five seconds later the movie ends and people are standing before the director's name is on the screen.

I freaking loved that. I'm just glad that audiences today can sniff out a turd without a problem.