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X-Men Trivia Answers Due Tomorrow

20060601xmengame.jpgI don't think we mentioned this in the original post, but if you'd like to win yourself a copy of X-Men: The Official Game for Xbox 360, you've got to get your answers in by 11:59 EST tomorrow (Friday the 2nd). Here are the questions again, in case you missed it the first time:

1.) What is Colossus' nationality?
2.) Who built Apocalypse's spaceship?
3.) Forearm, Wildside, and Tempo were members of what team?
4.) What's the best place in Salem Center to get a beer?
5.) Charles Xavier once faked his own death in order to hide away and prepare to battle an alien invasion. What alien race was it?

You can email your answers to along with your name and address (so we can ship it to you).

Josh's Review

Also, "Josh Horowitz" has added his review of X-Men to the post from Tuesday. All I'll say is that Hayley Joel Osment is mentioned in three straight sentences.