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Review: Snakes on a Plane

Most of the snakes are much bigger, but this guy is awesome

Many of you have been waiting weeks for this film. Pretty much everyone else is wondering why it exists. Last night I took the plunge and I am here to say, Snakes on a Plane is muthafuckin' awesome. When a studio chooses not to screen a film beforehand, there is cause for alarm, but the muthafuckin' snakes lived up to my expectations.

20060818snakesgirl.jpgBefore I continue, here's a caveat: see this film in the theaters as soon as possible. I'm not saying this because it is a critical entry into the American film canon, but because your enjoyment of this film will be directly tied to the quality of your audience. Seeing this at home, alone and on cable in two years will return a worthless experience. You'd miss out on people hissing whenever there was a mention of snakes, or cheering the title sequence. This movie was built to be seen with raucous teenagers so I implore you to see this film as soon as possible.

As for the quality of the film, it was a b-movie with crappy dialogue, painful acting and an average-at-best plotline. It was perfect. Like Step Up, this movie's so bad it's good. The difference here is that they know it's bad and they ham it up. Yes, there are gratuitous scenes that got thrown in purely because they're gratuitous, but that's awesome. If they hadn't done those reshoots the movie wouldn't have been as much fun. The one character I truly enjoyed was the snake expert, Dr. Steven Price, played by Todd Louiso. He and his FBI counterpart were a hoot to watch.

I could detail all the ins and outs of the plot but it's not worth it. Just go into the theater ready to yell and scream and have a good time and you will. There are more than enough high points in the film to make it worth it and the big payoff was excellent. Of course, it won't be if you wait to see this film on HBO. As my final endorsement of Muthafuckin' Snakes on a Muthafuckin' Plane I offer you this video clip that found its way into my hands. It should do the selling for me.


I love this movie alot b

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