The Movie Binge

Review: Beerfest


Have you seen Super-Troopers? I fair of my friends have, and the way they talk about it in fairly glowing terms leads me to believe it's got some cult cachet. I don't think my friends'll be doing the same for Beerfest. The mostly empty theater, in just its first week in distribution, lends to that sinking feeling of mediocrity. Lots of respect to the couple that brought in their squalling infant though; the baby squeals did their share of filling up the room with ambient noise.

Let's dispatch with the plot shall we? A couple second generation Americans, Wolfhauses, from German stock head to the motherland to dispatch with Grandpa's ashes. They are humiliated by nasty nasty Germans and just about everyone else. Vowing revenge, they dredge up freaks/friends/whomever they don't seem to be that friendly with each other from their past in order to win the competition. Will they? That's not the point, the point is...

Holy shit, take a look at those knockers!

Yeah, that's what watching this movie was like. A morass of unimportant plot twists, spiked by the occasional pair of fake boobs and just maybe a joke. Too bad, because when Beerfest aimed for total absurdity it was on the mark. I laughed out loud three times, no gut busters, but three solid laughs. The rest of the time we're talking about silly wordplay and making fun of accents.

The movie hits its high points at the beginning and at the end, when the immediacy and chaos of Beerfest is fully exploited. Also worth mentioning is Cloris Leachman as Great Gam Gam, the Wolfhause Twins' besmirched grandmother. Don't get me wrong, her accent is one of the noncomedic prime offenders, but she is gifted with the finest line in this movie. It's a line that contains the wisdom the rest of Beerfest works so hard to avoid, "We're all whores in some way, Mr. Finkelstein."

Unless you're a dedicated Super Troopers freak, give this one a pass.