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Review: Everyone's Hero


Have you heard of the Backyard Baseball? Professional players are turned into kids and it's sold something like 300 million copies to kids under the age of ten. Now this may be insane, but I think the producers of Everyone's Hero might have been going for the same demographic. Unfortunately for them I am older than ten, am not a fan of the Backyard Sports series and my favorite baseball team is the Cubs, who happen to be the bad guys.

Our hero is Yankee Irving. His dad works on the grounds crew for (shocker) the Yankees in the days of the Babe. While visiting his dad, Lefty Maginnis — the hated Chicago Cubs pitcher — steals Babe Ruth's bat, Darlin'. Yankee and his buddy Screwie, the talking baseball, must chase Lefty all the way to Chicago to get Babe back his bat. As expected, Yankee recovers the bat. The twist ending is that he also gets to bat for the Yankees in the World Series. Gee willakers!

Okay, I'm being a bit harsh on this film. The truth is it was made for five year olds and I have a feeling they'd enjoy it. The kids around me didn't laugh much, but they also weren't crying or running around or peeing on anything. What did make me happy was that Everyone's Hero was truly a cartoon. People got knocked off trains by signposts at 60mph and lived. While some folks may be happy to relive the days of the Babe, I'm happier reliving the days of Bugs Bunny and Warner Brothers cartoons.