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Review: Jackass Number Two


A Handy Reference to Enhance Your Enjoyment of Jackass Number Two.

We go to the movies, we laugh, we have a good time, we wonder what's going through the head of the parents who brought their three grade-school age children to see a film that probably broke the record for display of silver-screen scrotum, but what are we really enjoying? Our team of crack researchers broke down Jackass Number Two by the numbers to give you a better sense of what the movie is all about.

Nine Primary Jackasses (listed roughly in order of funniness: Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, Chris Pontius, Ryan Dunn, Wee Man, Bam Margera, Ehren McGhehey, Preston Lacey and Dave England) and various tertiary guest star Jackasses (such as pro skateboarder Tony Hawk and film director Spike Jonze) perform in roughly 50 vignettes (not including segments which duplicated an earlier stunt, or the end credits montage) which we broke down into five non-exclusive types:

Endurance test: (pain or discomfort is inflicted for the sake of pain or discomfort)
Stunt work: (putting yourself at risk of life or limb, usually involving a contraption)
Fucking with people: (sundry pranks on the unsuspecting public and other Jackasses)
Extreme Sports Inspired: (could conceivably appear in a late 90s Mountain Dew commercial)
Performance Art: (high concept stunts that would not be out of place in a gallery setting)*

(*Why on earth is Matthew Barney not a Jackass?)

The film was roughly evenly divided between these five categories, with Endurance Test 60% likely to be a piece of performance art (usually because they involved a costume). Fucking with People comprised the plurality of vignettes, and these were among the most unfunny (except when they were screwing with other Jackasses - e.g., when they threw a King Cobra in the cage with the guy who is an ophiophobe).

Vignettes were ranked on how funny they were. The Performance Art category showed the most volatility, while the Extreme Sports vignettes showed mediocre scores across the board.


We also ranked the vignettes (on a scale of 1-5) for danger, pain and homoeroticism. Homoeroticism and pain seem linked on a viewing of the various Jackass products, but judge for yourself from the chart below.


Homoeroticism Scale (average 1.3)
5 Gay sex
4 Fiddling
3 Male genitalia prominent part of stunt
2 Male nudity to amuse other guys
1 homosocial behavior

Pain Scale (average 2.5)
5 incapacitating injury to sensitive part
4 debilitating injury to senstiive part and/or multiple painful injuries to the body
3 blunt force impact
2 sports injury, extreme nausea
1 fading pain, bruising, shock

Other categories
There are several other interesting ways to approach Jackass. Unfortunately, it's hard to determine the location of the various injuries sustained, as they were often multiple and simultaneous. Graphing the stunts by participant also proved problematic, as when a there's a guy in a Tiger costume on roller skates it's kind of hard to conclusively determine identity. Nevertheless, we present some additional findings:

20% involve an Animal
Including but not limited to:
King Cobra

48% involve a contraption of some kind*
including but not limited to:
old timey bikes
rocket bike
rocket wheelchair
rocket shopping cart
Industrial teeter-totter
non-lethal claymore mine
Electrified Stool
Carnival Stength Tester to which a dildo is rigged

*does not include standard sports equipment

38% one or more participants wear a costume
including but not limited to:
Sailor Suit
Devil Costume
Evel Kneivel
Phil Margera disguise
Old lady boobs
Beanies and Lollies
Mouse costume*

*Penis only

10% involve Scat
60% of scat involves Dave England

28% the injury/pain is self inflicted
50% ine injury pain is other-inflicted
39% the injury/pain is primarily in the form of humilation

Jackass Number Two is a rich environment for the study of humor and its proponents. We hope that this initial foray into Jackass studies opens up a whole new realm of inquiry for the dedicated researcher. Our conclusions as such are tentative, and we eagerly await another data set in the form of Jackass Number 3. Or maybe just repeated late night viewings of this one on Comedy Central.


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