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Review: Rolling Family


Subtlety is hard to portray in marketing-speak. Everything must be a "feel-good comedy" or "spine-tingling horror." This trailer for The Shining, which was recut to look like a comedy, is only funny because studios have a habit of doing whatever is necessary to market a film. After seeing Rolling Family, I think I understand their motive. While it was neither bad nor good, the film washed over you, a sea of events that were all mildly entertaining. Trying to get an audience excited by a Rolling Family trailer would require long nights and many pots of coffee.

You can think of Rolling Family as a Spanish-language version of Little Miss Sunshine (it even had a van-pushing scene). At the behest of the matriarch, a family of eccentrics must drive cross-country to attend a wedding. Familia Rodante (that's español) replaces corpses and strip teases with lots of sexual tension. Unfortunately, it never really ended up being funny. It was engaging at times, but the film skews towards the drama end of a dramedy. I didn't laugh out loud once.

Raul Viñona, who played Gustavo, was the standout of the film. Gustavo is a teenager forced to choose between two suitors — his cousin and her friend. While none of the hijinx were everyday occurrences, Gustavo seemed genuinely conflicted while his family members were all character actors. This was the downfall of the film, as the subdued pacing didn't match the temperament of the characters. I hate to be harsh, as Rolling Family was far from crappy, but it didn't do much to stand out.