The Movie Binge

Let the Binge Begin!

Our first film (The Boss of it All) came out yesterday, which means the fun has officially begun. Unless you're reading this via our feed, you've noticed that all of this summer's films are up on the site. We'll updating data throughout the coming months, but we have a crapload of links there to make your movie-going a little more manageable.

More importantly, if you haven't visited the site yet, you're missing out on our most entertaining feature (no, not the reviews silly) — the rotating subheadlines for "The Movie Binge 2"!!! We've got about 10 rotating now, with another 20 or so I'll be adding tonight. If you have your own you'd like to add, leave them in the comments.

Finally, you'll notice we dropped the psuedonyms and added a whole bunch of new writers (sadly, we lost a couple). Be sure to check out the about page for more details, but our new writers are Kyria Abrahams, Dan Beirne, Erik Bryan, Lia Bulaong, Bryan Charles and Meghan Deans. Todd Serencha is kind of new too, as he came in during our ill-fated Fall 2006 stint. Together, we write six or seven million blogs, give or take.

And now I shall shut up and let the reviews roll in. You can expect the first one to arrive on Monday.