The Movie Binge

The Movie Binge II

Yep, we're coming back for another summer. The fall just didn't feel right. While we're gearing up behind the scenes, I thought I'd check in with the folks who are still checking our feed or popping by (hello!). Before we get going, I wanted to tickle your brain.

What did you like/dislike about last summer's Binge? Are reviews enough? Was the site easy to use? Should I shave my chest hair into a caricature of Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker? These are all questions that, when answered, could change the world site.

You can leave a comment or drop an email. Either way, thanks. Oh, and don't forget to get out this weekend and see the biggest blockbuster to come out this year, Jamie Kennedy's Kickin' It Old School. I heard it cost $500 million to make.


Glad to hear you're coming back. I enjoyed last summer. Since you're asking for suggestions... seems like most of the reviews last year were pretty long. If I had my way, they'd each be 4-6 paragraphs long.

Either way... looking forward to the new reviews.

So excited that you guys will be back! I enjoyed your reviews last year. I'm a list person, so I especially liked the release schedule you checked off as the summer progressed. Gave me a reference too, though a lot of the limited releases don't get to my town. Nice to live vicariously through you city folks. Can't wait for Memorial Day!

Uh... why? You'll just hate yourselves again.

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