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Fantastic Four: Rise of the Siver Surfer


Oh man. Fantastic Four Part 2 was just that! A planet totally explodes and then they're gonna get married, and at the bachelor party Mr. Fantastic is dancing with these hot girls and his wife finds him and is all, "Unfortunately . . . FOR HIM!!!" So then they try to have the wedding but the Silver Surfer with the voice of Morpheus comes and blows up the thing that Mr. Fantastic made and the Human Torch is all "Flame ON!!" and chases him for a bit, but then gets dropped back to Earth and says,"hey," to the camel he sees. Then the government's all, "We've gotta stop this guy," and so they try to do that and Dr. Doom comes back and the government (totes evil!) is like, Ok, you can help, too. So they go to a Black Forest and with more science stuff knock him off his magic surfboard and the government kidnaps him and gives him torture to find out but then Invisible Woman sneaks in and finds out about Galactus, this big space tornado that sucks life out of planets and it's coming to suck Earth! Oh Noes!!! So Dr. Doom steals the surfboard, and one of the guys is all, "My bad!" and they fight him with the Fantastic Dodge Stratus and then everybody gives their power to the Torch guy and he beats Doom. But then it's too late to stop the space tornado and the Silver Surfer's like, no I'll do something, and after he brings the Invisible girl back to life he does and he gets all shiny and the tornado goes away and then they really get married and that's it. AWESOME!!!

So, that's basically how stupid this movie is.


dude I always love your reviews. Nice one.

Chart me with this if you get a chance, okay?

Well played.

I'm sure this movie sucks but come on!
Kids go see these movies.
I guess you never read comics as a child...

I'm so glad you've given me an opportunity to address this very important issue. Yes, kids do go to see these movies, but that's no reason or excuse for them to suck. There are scores of movies aimed at young people (Nick Park, Pixar and the 3rd Harry Potter installment come immediately to mind) that are just as enjoyable, if not to all adults, at least to this one. They are every bit as complex and well-executed as standard adult fare, and oftentimes moreso. Making children watch stupid movies is demeaning, and allows for lazy filmmakers (and audiences) to excuse some pretty awful crap. It's an insult to children to expect that they will like stupid movies, even if, on occasion, they do.
Secondly, yes, in fact, I did read a lot of comics as a child, which is another reason that I found this movie so disappointing.

Also it should be noted that 95% of all Fantastic Four comics are much, much better than the movies.

I would seriously like to see you do a better job, you great nerd!!

I am going to be tolerant on this one...

I like the first movie.
The second one was half crap half diamond

The animation was superb, the plot was so loose,I mean couldn't they use their gray cells?

The review that you wrote totally sucked, the surfboard isn't magic. Its not a space tornado, whatever you wrote doesn't make any sense to the comics or the movie, I hate you fartzo.

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