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That is to say: kind of gross, completely uninteresting to watch, and the artist oddly and inexplicably feels pleased with themselves.

Before I get into this movie, I want to say a few things: I've never seen Hostel Part 1, and I don't intend to. If you feel this leaves me with an untuned ear for this film, stop reading. I don't think it's necessary, I think the guy from the first one died in the first few minutes of this one, just like the Jason movies. Also, I want to say that far scarier than anything in the movie were the people WATCHING the movie. I was in there with 5 single dudes, I felt like I was just waiting to be one of these guys' first "real frag". At one point a girl walked in alone, and I felt much better, only to be followed minutes later by her completely creepy boyfriend, wearing the man version of her clothes.

So the movie starts, and it's a pretty predictable string of "bad guy red herrings" who are shooed away by the main villainess, only to reveal they are all part of the conspiracy of International Rich Torture-Killers. Then we meet the perverts, who are more interesting to watch than the victims, until their "I'm the guy with the conscience" and "I'm the guy with no conscience" routine gets old. Then the torture and killing happens, then one girl doesn't get killed, and she gets away, because she can pay more money than the guy who's trying to kill her. That's it. It's actually thankfully short.

What I found most disturbing was Roth's extremely thin and juvenile justification for making me watch this. The main pervert explains before he's about to kill the main girl that he "can't kill his wife". So instead of killing his wife, he's paying to kill a replacement, one that he can get away with. But this is immediately before the "reversal" (pro-wrestling!) happens and the main girl straps the main pervert into the torture chair. They proceed to have a shouting match made-up exclusively of "cunt" and "fuck", which really reminded me of some kind of caricatured married couple, not unlike the witty barbs of a Cary Grant movie, only boiled down to the animal gurglings of these hollow souls. Now, Eli, I get it, but I just don't care. I don't care that this is your view of marriage or the world in general; it's the most uninteresting point of view I've heard since I first heard in ninth grade: "Man, think about it, everything you do is selfish, even if you give to a charity you're just doing it to feel better about yourself. And also, what you think of as purple may be a totally different thing to me, except I ALSO call it purple. Think about it, man."


I admire your restraint. I was just told about the ending of this movie yesterday, and I don't know how I'd be able to write about this movie without getting into that.

do you mean the decapitation? I was feeling more like the unaddressed issue was Roth's inability to actually feature any rape in the film. I feel that's very telling of his pitiful quasi-anti-misogyny.

Not bad, but I think that Hostel: Part 1 is better (with guys). Scene, where children play football with head... very funny :) Impressive sound environment.

you're approaching eli roth ALLLLL wrong. you're not a genre fan, you don't understand what these movies are meant to do. don't review them.

I'd ask to read YOUR Hostel review, but I think I already know how it would read:

"a pretty good skinnin' flick if you ask me. tons of blood, lots of of awesome lookin' european baddies, and a dude gets his manhood sliced right off! I've never seen that in a genre movie before! So great! The effects in the reaper meat-hook scene were top-notch, and the buzzsaw scene is soooo the best. Kudos to His Majesty King Roth and all the effects people on this film, and check it out if you're a genre fan. Totally thought it was real the whole time. Way to go, guys!"

I WILL be the most hated Binge writer.

Arg. My comment didn't show up yesterday, I think because I forgot to do the verification thing below, but I had mentioned that, actually, it makes a pretty big difference if you've seen the first one, as the second film plays off of it a lot.

Is there a quasi-misogyny genre that I'm missing out on?

The rise in torture porn popularity is the most disturbing trend in contemporary America, save for, possibly, actual porn, pre-emptive military strikes, "ex-gays", "enemy combatants", turducken, American Idol, and Kirk Cameron.

By the by, George, I'd love to hear what "these movies are meant to do."

I read the review and all the comments. here is what I have to say -

This movie misses the mark of being one of the good slasher movies. Not quite scary and not actually disturbing enough. From the ending of the opening scene to the end of the movie. - left over guy from last movie - who gets smoked for living through the carnage from the last movie to the woman who gets axed by heroin at the end

All the things in this movie we have seen before, and in a much more suspenseful way. the movie gets tedious while no one is being hunted, seduced, tortured, massaged, etc... The point; any time there was dialog, there was boredom. The only thing that kept me in the movie was the "What If" idea. You know; what if there are a bunch of rich people paying to kill hostoges in any way they can imagine. I think there is a real chance that this stuff is going on even now, and well... I thought it would be cool to see a movie about it. I suppose i was wrong.

I did like the torture scenes and the mess that went along with it. I did not like the ease of which our hero escaped death. At no point in this movie was I hoping that a person would not open a door, or saying to myself, Hey dumb girl - don't run into the woods. I was not, and I don't think many people were rooting for the characters to die or to live.

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