The Movie Binge

Arctic Tale


I really don't want to hate on this film. It's trying to do right, showing us the splendors of the Arctic and that our frivolous consumption might put everything at risk. It is a noble venture. Leaving it alone would make Al Gore happy, but I can't do it.

You got Queen Latifah to narrate? You included two minutes of walrus farts when your message was about global warming? You used comic sans on your website? Couldn't you have just shut up and let these amazing visuals speak for themselves? I would have much preferred pleasant classical music to their lame attempts at voice-over. To be honest, I don't fault Latifah as she's just collecting a paycheck and trying to help the environment. The writers though, sheesh. You really didn't have to include urban slang to make polar bears relevant.

The suits at National Geographic obviously saw The March of the Penguins and said, "I want that. Take this footage and make it happen." Then a committee got together, egos clashed and instead of doing one thing, they did everything. An Inconvenient Truth meets Penguins meets Ice Age. If the story of a young polar bear and walrus growing up (shot over fifteen years, no less) hadn't been so riveting, I would have headed straight for the door. For this reason, I am confident the film will resonate with the little ones, who are slightly less discerning and love cuddly things. For the rest of us, wait for the DVD to come out and turn on the director's commentary as quickly as possible.