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I Know Who Killed Me

Siverston (right) and Linds the Lane Babe (left) on the set. Note the very professional-looking camera!


He wears a regular t-shirt and blue jeans, he eats Wendy's late at night sometimes, and he has a dog named Carmella. But don't be fooled, his mind is as twisted as a scary tree branch. No, he's not Dr. Kevorkian, he's local filmmaker and super-ghoulishly-talented Chris Siverston! Chris has just finished the final touches (called "post-production") on his new super-scary movie I Know What Killed Me, and I recently caught up with him to get all the details.

Chris is a high school senior at Davis, and got all his friends involved in the making of this, in his words, "great little movie." He got his friend Jeff Hammond to write the script, and Jeff has been writing ever since. "I love it," he says, "you can do anything you want!" That's true, Jeff. He said that he and Chris are very influenced by the show "Passions", and wanted to make a full movie like that. And although this is his first regular-length movie, Chris has been making funny fake commercials and videos with his friends since 2002, says Siverston in his wicker easychair. There was even a whole team of people in charge of special effects. "I thought it was important," says Siverston outside, "to have realistic effects, because that's what I think are important and like about movies." And boy oh boy do they look realistic. I got to see some unedited ("raw") material that was just long shots of gross-looking hands and feet, it was really cool.

It stars Ms. Lindsey Lohan, who most people who bowl at Garver Lanes know as "Linds the Lane Babe", and many other local actors and actresses. I asked Lindsey what it was like to be in a movie. "It's pretty fun," said she with a nice smile. "As fun as getting married?" which is what Lohan will be doing in a few weeks. "Ha ha", she laughed, "No, not as fun as that." Lindsey will be marrying Dwight Douglas, a rugby player and her high school sweetheart, a few days after her high school graduation.

"What do you think of this new trend of "indie" films?" I asked Siverston, at pool's edge. "I think it's really important," he answered in reply, "that filmmakers are free from the old "studio system", so they can be more free to have the freedom to make what they want. Look at all the best directors, they were free." So true, Chris.

Can't wait to see it? Well, I Know What Killed Me will be screening this weekend (Fri., Sat., Sun.) at the Burnt Hymen Community Center in room 222, with free admission, and a small reception with refreshments afterwards. There won't be another chance to catch this spectacular inter-stellar premiere of Chris Siverston's new movie, so be sure to come out. This reporter thinks we might just have the next Steven Spielberg on our hands. "Maybe," says Siverston, laughing at his table, "I just want to make a movie as a living." At this rate, that's not too slim of a possibility, Chris.


Best Binge ever.

Does Carmella drink scalding hot coffee out of her bowl on the floor?

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