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Who's Your Caddy?

This man is fat. He is farting. That's about it.

Before I begin, I want to make something clear: I paid money to see Norbit. Honest to God, I paid $12.50 to see Eddie Murphy in a fat lady costume and I wasn't reviewing it. Oh, and I kinda enjoyed it. "How you Doin'?!?" Keeping this in mind, I want you to understand the gravity of this statement: Who's Your Caddy? is an absolutely wretched film that has made me consider the benefits of a police state that only releases government propaganda films with G ratings.

At this point, there must be someone out there still considering this movie. I accept that I am just one man with an inexplicable fondness for urban comedies, but I'm hoping the whole of the IMDb community will be enough to convince you. See, they have deemed Who's Your Caddy? to be the worst movie of all time. Sure, the list is loaded with new-ish films and the IMDb community commands less authority authority than most kindergarten classes, but you can't get around the fact that people hate this film.

As you'd expect, the film is based on a terribly broad, terribly generic stereotype — white people are stuffy, stale, racist and want to keep urban flava out of their lives. Evil White Man has worked well elsewhere (in Do the Right Thing for instance). Caddy doesn't set the bar that high, but righting the wrongs of African-Americans with a hyper-wealthy rap mogul and his rag-tag entourage who prove that a black man holds a golf course record is ludicrous and slightly offensive at best.

This is a comedy though, so it's at least funny, right? Right? I guess no one told the suits at MGM that Andre 3000 is the funny one in Outkast. Big Boi and Faison Love were dreadful and Finesse Mitchell was wasted; his delivery was great but the lines fell utterly flat. The funniest scene was when Faison, a very large man, sang, farted and made dick jokes while naked in the men's locker room. In fact, if he had just danced and farted for the whole movie it would have been an improvement (possibly raising it to #10 on the IMDb list, just above Baby Geniuses 2).

Despite being unfunny and offensive, most urban comedies can be saved by a fantastic soundtrack and hot girls. Well, the soundtrack is not for sale because there were zero notable songs and the leading lady was stuck in business suits for 98% of the movie. This is a movie starring a major hip-hop star and the songs were worthless. How is that possible?

With a fart joke being the sole redeeming aspect of Who's Your Caddy?, I am amazed this made it into theaters. Lee's Movie Info claimed they spent $7 million on marketing but they should have spent 1/20th of that and released it straight to DVD. It would have sold a million copies and MGM and the Weinsteins would make their money back. Instead the assholes released it to theaters, thereby forcing its inclusion in the Binge and, thus, me to see it. Therefore, I hope every man, woman and child who allowed this to open on over 1,000 screens suffers from extreme bouts of food poisoning, pink eye and gonorrhea. Yes, even the children.


this is a cute moie i cracked myself up watching it, it wasn't a oscar ... d'ooohhhh but it shure was more intresting then waching other crap movies o ya before I leave to my intrested cinefil friend that likes to talk alot... get a GIRLFRIEND!

I thot this movie was good. it showed wat it wud be like if certain people did get the chance to go to a private golf course {{mostly black people}}. And many people know white people dont all act stuck up and racist, but its that part of the movie that goes along with the plot. i didn't watch the movie to critique it, i watched it to get a good laugh because i know that is what Faizon Love, Sherri Shepherd, and Andy Milonakis do. comedy. So i looked for a great laugh, and i feel that's what i got. But i do agree that the best part was the bathroom scene with Faizon Love.

I LOVED this movie,
I understand what youre saying,
but i agree with the first commenter,
get a girlfriend
& Norbit was funny as well.
I am currently looking for the sountrack of Whos your caddy. foo,

i wanna know who sings the song on this movie in the slow part that sounds like pretty ricky

yea i im lookin for that slow song too

go to the i-tunes music store to buy the soundtrack, or atlease get the track list and get the songs somewheres else

the song i believe u guys r talkin about is cinematic by young tone. this song is played when da fat guy is smoking a cigar and looking at mrs. cummings

yea i im lookin for that slow song too

I think you are talking about Young Tone - Cinematic... I want all tracks from the movie

Cinematic - Young tone , easy as hell to find. (when Cumming's his wife is seducing the fat black guy while he smokes a cigar)

Other songs are:

Young Tone - Booty clap (in the club while the kid is smacking the girl's ass that song)

Don't know others but would really like to know more...


If you are going to bash a critic then please, for the love of God, have proper spelling. Poor grammar is all right. The internet is a place for crappy grammar and fast choppy work, it's ok. But "shure"...c'mon..."thot". It's hard to make a critic feel dumb when you make him/her look so damn smart.

Having said that this movie was rather lacking substance in my opinion...but the fart jokes and dick jokes and etc. was enough to make me watch it twice. It was funny.

Basically, if someone says this movie "was not funny" and someone in this world laughed, then that critic ultimately loses the argument. Period!

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