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The Binge is back! Once again the Movie Binge team will watch every major movie released between Memorial Day and Labor Day. That's 89 films. We realize that's a lot, but if it weren't a little crazy, then what would be the point, right?

In regards to rules, we don't really have any. Whether we pay for the film and sit in the theater like your average joe or buy a bootleg copy off the street and watch it with the cast of Cirque de Soleil, all that matters is that we see the movie.

Each week we'll keep you up to date with reviews of every movie, previews and entertaining facts along the way. So even if you're bored with our reviews, at least you'll have our weekly previews and complete list of summer films.

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All contact of any sort should go through . If you work for a movie studio or PR firm, we're happy to go to screenings so our readers can read the reviews before the films are released. Just hit us up on the e-mail.

The Movie Binge Team

Matt Jacobs (aka Latin Snake) - Editor
Matt is the fearless leader of the Movie Binge crew. He is a web designer by day and a geek by night (and by day, too). He lives in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn and once saw seven movies in the theater in a single day. Don't worry, his ass is fine.

Matthew Perpetua (aka Matthew Fluxington) - Editor
Matthew Perpetua is best known for writing about songs, but he also enjoys movies. Since no one will pay him to write about movies, he provides his services free of charge to The Movie Binge. Mr. Perpetua regularly updates the music blogs Fluxblog and Pop Songs 07 in addition to writing weekly columns for the Associated Press and MTV's Urge download service. He lives in Astoria, Queens.

Kyria Abrahams - Writer
Kyria Abrahams is currently putting the finishing touches on her book I'm Perfect, You're Doomed, a comedic memoir involving Jehovah's Witnesses, slam poetry, OCD and the fiery destruction of the wicked at Armageddon. It will be published by Touchstone-Fireside in 2008. For two years, Kyria was a regular columnist for Jest Magazine where she wrote rambling, otherwise unpublishable essays about eskimos. She used to perform standup throughout New York at popular shows like Eating It and Invite them Up, as well as literary readings like How to Kick People but now she is lazy. The latest unpublishable first-person eskimo-esque essays can be found cluttering this blog:

Dan Beirne - Writer
Dan Beirne is one of the three writers of Said the Gramophone, a music blog. He also wrote the controversial movie column "Waiting With Nathan" a few years ago. He's a filmmaker and actor living in Montreal.

Erik Bryan - Writer
Erik Bryan is an assistant editor for He's been known to cry at Kurosawa movies and even one featuring a talking pig. He likes to play music, has been putting off writing a novel for years, and needs to get out more. He can recite Jabberwocky from memory and pi to two decimals. He wants to be a samurai when he grows up. Or a talking pig.

Lia Bulaong - Writer

Bryan Charles - Writer
Bryan Charles is the author of the novel Grab On to Me Tightly as if I Knew the Way, published in 2006 by Harper Perennial. His book for the 33 1/3 series, on Pavement's Wowee Zowee, will be out in a couple of years. Read more of his writing and be online buddies at and He lives in Brooklyn, NY.

Chris Conroy (aka Gene Parmesan) - Writer
Gene works in the chapbook industry and lives in Greenpoint, Brooklyn with his twin, Ashley.

Meghan Deans - Writer
Meghan is pleased to continue her extended run in Broadway's the Internet. She recently earned raves for her work as a New York City resident whose hot water works approximately 70% of the time. Other credits include "Young Girl" in Watching A Lot Of Old Movies on AMC (Tony nom.).

Todd Serencha - Writer
Todd is a pioneering film critic best known for his controversial essays Asshole, Douche and Hammett: Metallica: Some Kind of Monster and Interpersonal Empowerment; You Can't Unfry Things: Entropy and Human Development in Strangers with Candy; and Matthew Barney's Cremaster Series: Ass-rodeo. His personal site is The Face Knife, which includes movie reviews based upon those theories, and more theories. He writes at a computer located in Astoria, New York. He also likes paper.

Karen Wilson (aka Cinecultist) - Writer
Karen Wilson is a writer, editor and movie fan who resides in the East Village of Manhattan. She's not embarrassed to admit that she finds Johnny Depp in make-up and a pirates costume alluring. Her writing can also be seen on, Janemag's Music and Celebs blog and at Site:

In Memorium

They're not dead in real life, but they're stint with the Binge has come to a close. We'll miss you in a creepy, stalker-ish way.

"Josh Horowitz"
"Josh Horowitz" may very well be the most witty, charismatic, and handsome man you've never met. He is the author of The Mind of the Modern Moviemaker (Plume Books) and a television writer/producer.

Bronto Burger
Greetings. Pleased to meetcha. How do you do? What's up? Hi. All right. Take care.