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Welcome to the Movie Binge

Today marks the grand opening of the Movie Binge. Starting this Friday and ending in September, we plan to watch all 85 commercially released films. As we journey through both the inane and brilliant films of the summer, we'll be sure to share every semi-worthwhile thought that crosses our mind.

At this point, you're probably asking yourself, "Why?" Because we're bloggers and as bloggers we have an obligation to do ridiculous things and share them with the world.

This week you'll hear a little bit from each of our Bingers and get a preview of this weekend's films. Next week the reviews will start coming, and they won't stop until we've seen everything.

For more on the team and for contact info, check out the about page. Wish us luck!

EW's Summer Movie Body Count


Wow, we're going to see a lot of death this summer. Entertainment Weekly has been keeping track of every on-screen death since May 5th of this year. Thus far over four thousand fake peope have died. And it's not even June!

They'll be keeping track until September 8th and I'm hoping (*fingers crossed*) for over 20,000 deaths. That would give me that warm, oozing feeling I've always longed for.

Any guess on the goriest movie to be released this summer? Poseidon has a commanding lead right now with 3,994 deaths. I'm praying the final winner will be Snakes on a Plane.

X-Men Trivia Answers Due Tomorrow

20060601xmengame.jpgI don't think we mentioned this in the original post, but if you'd like to win yourself a copy of X-Men: The Official Game for Xbox 360, you've got to get your answers in by 11:59 EST tomorrow (Friday the 2nd). Here are the questions again, in case you missed it the first time:

1.) What is Colossus' nationality?
2.) Who built Apocalypse's spaceship?
3.) Forearm, Wildside, and Tempo were members of what team?
4.) What's the best place in Salem Center to get a beer?
5.) Charles Xavier once faked his own death in order to hide away and prepare to battle an alien invasion. What alien race was it?

You can email your answers to along with your name and address (so we can ship it to you).

Josh's Review

Also, "Josh Horowitz" has added his review of X-Men to the post from Tuesday. All I'll say is that Hayley Joel Osment is mentioned in three straight sentences.

It's Not a Summer Movie Without Tie-ins

20060607cars.jpgWhen I was seven, the only reason I knew about movies was because of Happy Meals at McDonalds and branded toys at Toys 'R Us. Parents today have it worse than mine did because tie-ins are getting a little out of control.

Take the new Pixar film, Cars, where there are over 350 licensed products. Although I am obviously obsessive (i.e. this blog you are reading), I did not find these on my own. has taken the time to compile each of the tie-ins with links for each.

Partners alone will be spending $50 million in media buys to cross-promote this movie. Disney's portion of the marketing budget is undisclosed (afaict), but according to Dicker above, "Cars" is larger than "The Incredibles", and they spent $200 million on that movie (combined with promotional partners).

Personally, I'd take a Bouncy Castle or Power Wheels Drivable Lightning McQueen Car if anyone's interested in buying me one. The Power Wheels would be super handy in the city.

link procured from

We're Soldiering On!

For those who have been following along, you've likely noted that Labor Day was the official end to the Movie Binge. How'd we do? Well, we still have another 9 reviews to crank out and we'll be finished! If all goes as planned, you should get those this week. We'll also be posting our thoughts on the proccess next week.

What now? After some deliberation, we decided this was too much fun to quit now. We're going to keep reviewing movies, hitting all the major releases as they come out. The count in the top right corner will stay with our original set of films until we finish the reviews and then move on to the fall releases (Oscar season!). In fact, if you look at the movie calendar on your right or on the calendar page, you'll see we have September's films up already. We'll be filling it in with October through December soon.

You can also expect to see some other new features and general improvements on the site over the next couple weeks. Since the original plan was to end on Labor Day, we need to move things around a bit. If you have any suggestions, feel free to post a comment.

Finally, we're looking for a couple good people to write reviews. Interested? Shoot us an email or post something in the comments and we'll get a hold of you.

We're glad you've stuck with us this long and we're excited for what's ahead, even if that means seeing The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause. [*Shudder*]