Top 10 Movies of 2000

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We’ve delved into the files and are re-running our Best of the 2000s pieces, from route back in 2009 when the Playlist was a little Blogspot website held along with tape and string. Each rundown runs down the main 10 movies of every year beginning today,with 2000 (it’s additionally truly conceivable that, a large portion of 10 years on, we’d put them in an alternate request and even change a portion of the rundown, however we needed to save the first pieces immaculate quite far). The first piece follows beneath, and gratitude to staff members over a significant time span who contributed.

So here we start, with the year 2000, the beginning of the 21st century, when everybody was at long last over pre-thousand years pressure, Y2K and other-made up garbage by the press attempting to depict a type of worldwide nervousness or discomfort. Film was not in a terrible spot.

Here is my Top 10 Movies of 2000 :

 The Best Top 10 Movies of 2000

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