Top 10 Movies of 2002

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It was a year when a bigger number of motion pictures opened than during some other year in memory. A year when the enormous Hollywood studios cast their parcel with establishments, equations, spin-offs, and motion pictures showcased for limited segment gatherings – zeroing in so much on “item” rather than unique work that they appeared prone to be closed out of the Oscars, as they were basically closed out of the Golden Globes.

A year when free and unfamiliar movies indicated phenomenal essentialness. A superb year, that is, for moviegoers who picked cautiously, and an average year for those took their risks at the multiplex.

But then the best film of the year resisted these patterns. It was a costly enormous studio creation by the best head ever – top-covering a major star, and possessing the well known sci-fi classification. Be that as it may, it was splendid, a film of thoughts just as activity, of consistent reconciliation of a solid story with virtuoso embellishments.

Steven Spielberg’s film featured Tom Cruise as a cop of things to come, a man accountable for a program that utilizes three “precogs,” who can anticipate the future, permitting them to foresee wrongdoings so they can be forestalled before they occur.

Here is my Top 10 Movies of 2002 :

 The Best Top 10 Movies of 2002

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